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Recommendations on the Best Cameras for Stop Motion to use with stop motion GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Whether you choose to use a webcamera or a DV camcorder to create you stop motion animation, it should meet some basic requirements in order to get a half decent movie image.Ideally you should have full control over all aspects of the camera such as focus, white balance, zoom, exposure etc.IMAGE RESOLUTION The resolution of any digital webcam or camera is often limited by the camera sensor (typically a CMOS sensor chip).Quality digital still cameras however use CCD chips.These chips turn light into signals that circuitry can convert into image data.A CMOS or CCD sensor is made up of millions of what is often called "buckets".These count the number of photons that strike the sensor and thus relates to the image resolution and quality. The number of resulting pixels in the image determines its "pixel count".For example, a 640x480 image would have 307,200 pixels, or approximately 307,000 pixels.

A number of other factors impact a sensor's resolution such as sensor size and lens quality.Resolution is only really of concern when using webcams as digital video or still cameras will have 640x480 resolution as a minimum which is broadcast or TV resolution (in general).If you webcam is only capable of 320x240 then you will not be able to create stop motion animations that fill a TV screen.However such webcams are usually quite cheap and nasty.MANUAL FOCUS You can forget about working on any form of stop motion animation with a camera (video or digital) or webcam that does not have some form of focus control.

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Many webcams for example come with autofocus as they generally are targeting the video conference or webchat market. You will need to able to alter focus when working with small objects for animation.

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