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, is here again to help answer your geek dating queries.This week, how to talk to gamer girls without coming across like a creep. I’ve been playing PS3 games with the same girl for over 2 years. We even ask each other [what will be the next] game the other is going to buy, just to keep playing together. We’re from the same city and [we’ve] seen each other only three times when she was sad about family issues, just to watch marathons of Doctor Who. I’ve always had feelings for her, but I also respect the Gamer Girl Manifesto ( I’ve never annoyed gamer girls but I feel this is something different and I’ve made up my mind and decided to go ahead…

You might hack around for years without ever meeting one.But just in case you happen to find one, and just in case she is not already linked to someone else (which is even rarer), this guide is intended to help you to win her heart.If you want any chance at all to catch her attention, you have to be a computer geek, too.Being a long-term contributor to a major free software project is a good starting point.Being the author of several man pages or howtos is not bad, either.

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