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August: Osage County (2014) ​ Benedict Cumberbatch played "Little" Charles Aiken in August: Osage County, the big-screen adaption of Tracy Letts's award-winning play.Cumberbatch recorded a song for the film's soundtrack, Can't Keep It Inside.Three different human species may have walked the Earth at the dawn of the human lineage, dividing up their environment in slightly different ways, and the ancestors of modern humans may have survived because oftraits such as large brains that helped them adapt to unstable, shifting landscapes, researchers say.Moreover, the defining features of the human lineage may not have evolved together gradually at once, but piecemeal in stages over millions of years, scientists added.Modern humans, which is thought to have arisen in Africa more than 2 million years ago.

Instead, key human features evolved piecemeal at separate times, with some emerging substantially earlier and some later than previously thought.For instance, recent findings suggest long legs, a feature once considered unique to humans, developed in earlier ancestors, the genus .A dynamic birthplace Scientists have long suggested that human evolution was linked to the onset of global cooling and the spread of a stable or progressively arid savanna grasslands in Africa.However, recent studies hint that early may have evolved in a far more diverse environment, with the birthplace of humanity dominated from 2.5 million to 1.5 million years ago by an unstable climate, shifting intensity of annual wet and dry seasons, and varied landscapes.This changeable landscape may have driven the human lineage to embrace versatility.

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An increase in average brain size is seen with the rise of which probably improved talents for thinking and socializing.

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