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I further told him to see if he could screen capture the posting that she had stating she was 23 and the log of their roleplay / sex chat conversation where she had also confirmed that she was 23.

He said he was able to do so and has it printed out.

He is still OCD about it so I told him I would find out for him.

In your opinion could he potentially be in trouble for breaking the law? Thanks Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an experienced criminal lawyer. If he has the proof that she represented herself as 23 he should not have anything to worry about for several reasons: Even if the woman was actually an undercover, cybersex among consenting adults is legal. I know it varies from state to state with some states being inder the age of 18, but it is fair to say that 18 is the legal age of consent for all states in the US? Sorry but one more question, I promise and then I will finish and rate. What if the roleplay was that she was a neighbor's daugter and her parents were out of town and she was also his daughter's best freind.

Undercovers looking to make a sting would represent themselves as being underaged. Also, when a criminal matter takes place, it's the location where the crime occurred where the case would get prosecuted. Unless there is something here tha you have not told me, there is no reason to think that your friend is going to be even investigated, let alone charged with a criminal offense. Cybersex with the wrong stranger can not only get you investigated criminally but in some instances can get you blackmailed. I called him to tell him and he asked one last question. He said no age other than 23 was ever discussed but the role play that was that she was a young lady and he was an older guy. Again he looked over his records and the only age mentioned was 23 in her chat site posting and 23 when she confirmed the age prior to the role playing.

But I see nothing here to indicate a potential problem. He now says what if the UK had a weird law stating that all Cybersex was illegal, do you think he could now be in trouble with the British Authorities and that they may ask US to cooperate with investigating or charging him? I know it can vary from state to state with some states being lower, but isn't it safe to assume that 18 is legal in all states?

Blizzard has publicly clarified its policy on "in-game harassment" in World of Warcraft and stressed that it is actively policing the issue, after complaints were raised about erotic role-play in a certain inn on a certain US server.

Apparently he contacted her and they left the site and went to an Instant Messaging site where they continued to role play a fantasy that involved sex chat.

He told me he asked her prior to the roleplaying how old she was and that she confirmed she was 23.

they exchanged pictures but were all clothed and face pictures.

He is now paranoid that either the lady was a minor or police undercover person and that he is going to be investigated and potentially charged.

I am not a lawyer but told him that I thought sex chat with an adult was not illegal and that in either case (whether a undercover agent staing she was 23 or a minor posing as an adult) that he did not have anything to worry about.

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