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Thus, tools should be able to test the mobile as well as PC based experience.Not included in this review are Feedback or Click Tracking tools.This is because they only provide feedback or opinions about user interfaces, and lack the ability to observe testers conducting tasks.

An update to the article is due, but because of the broad array of tools now available a more formalized definition and a matrix of usability tools is needed.To that end, the following matrix and comprehensive review of 14 usability testing tools will help practitioners who are looking for tools for specific testing tasks.For purposes of classifying tools to evaluate in this matrix, the tools must have three critical functions necessary to conduct a classically defined usability test: The classical definition of usability testing is a systematic observation under controlled conditions to evaluate how well testers can complete critical tasks.Thus, having the ability to record testers, to see their interactions and hear their thoughts (ala the Think Out Loud method) is critical to the observation process.It is also important to be able to edit those recordings, so that key insights can be shared with others in the form of highlight reels.

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Finally, the increasing adoption and usage of mobile devices to interact with websites and applications makes it necessary to conduct usability tests of the mobile user experience.

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