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(L-R) Ronny Chieng, Jak Knight, Adam Lowitt, Bill Burr, Nia Renee Hill and Roy Wood Jr.attend the Comedy Central's New York Comedy Festival Kick-off Party Celebration With Entertainment Weekly on November 12, 2015 in New York City.When chatting with comedian Bill Burr, be prepared to lose all control over the direction of the conversation. I’ve got one in Minneapolis, the Pantages Theater, and then I’m at the Vic Theater in Chicago. I know Bill Hicks did a special up there, and a bunch of guys I was actually hanging out with yesterday watching football. I’m hoping more people buy it because, obviously, I want to make a little cashish here, but when they showed it on Comedy Central, they edited out two huge chunks of it, because they had to fit in 60 minutes of commercials. ” and “Let It Go,” there were major changes in my life.

They did it with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher kind of did a version of it with somebody else, and I want to say there was one other one. ’ bit, I have to ask you: do you know the people I went to high school with? BB: () It’s a straight across the board…I don’t even want to say blue collar…there’s an unexamined life/unworldly point of view that is really mainstream.

And I’m not acting like I’m going to museums or anything, but there is something to be said about even just traveling in and around the States. BE: I grew up in a small town, so I expected that to be a small town thing, but to hear you, growing up in Boston… It wasn’t really a small town, but it’s pretty prevalent.

Occasionally, if you get a chance to go outside of the country, you start examining where you’re from and some of the thought processes, and that was one of the funnier things. Someone would say, “Take a yoga class, it’s good for relaxation.” And I’d immediately think, “That’s fucking gay. ” And I thought it was funny at first, like it makes you some sort of tough guy, but then you realize that it’s really stupid after a while. It was where I was from, the people I hung out with, and a lot of the thoughts that were in my head that I’m trying to get rid of. And I think the more you hang out with jocks, not to be stereotypical, but when you get into sports, you get into male competition, and the testosterone gets to the red levels.

When I finally got away from the east coast for a while, and I came back – specifically to Boston – there was just this underlying anger that I never noticed before, because I was born there and just dropped right into it. And I’m making fun of people who say that as much as I’m making fun of myself. You know, no pain no gain, don’t be a pussy, there’s no crying in baseball, and you get into that mindset of where you have to stop acknowledging that it’s raining out, and you can’t have an umbrella.

I talk about having a sweet tooth, and how I really don’t like that about myself. () If you’re playing a game and pushing through pain, that’s one thing, but if you’re just waiting for a bus and you catch a three-day cold, that doesn’t make you more of a man.

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