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For some good and for many bad, we are going through the absolute worst leadership in the history of this great country. [Read More...]Watched this interesting video this afternoon and noticed and there a few things that caught my attention to start with.

First off I have written about this allot in Colombiahelp that it's not about looks at all. [Read More...]There comes a time when you decide to take the relationship further by way of marriage or engagement.

Usually this is done first off because you feel that you love her, you feel that you can trust her and want to live with her back in the states. [Read More...]The first thing I am going to hear is the fact that Americans have bad habits as well and I will be the first to say that we all have bad habits.

Only some habits that are coming will shock us as they can be disgustingly bad. [Read More...]I had a great laugh this morning with a friend of mine that is in retail management.

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Here you will find a large emphasis on Colombian women as there is a surge in men seeking Colombian women as wives today. [Read More...]There are numerous stories about ‘older male/younger female’ relationships.

Coladmin has written many times on here about the opportunities that await because of how the Colombian society does not ‘brow-beat’ those who enter into such …

[Read More...]If you are a frequent reader of this board, you will know that I usually contribute to the line of conversation that is going on.

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