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Accept payments via Amex Express Checkout without modifying your existing Stripe integration.If you need help after reading this, check out our answers to common questions or chat live with other developers in #stripe on freenode.American Express cardholders can use their online account details to pay using the Amex Express Checkout button on your site.It's both secure and convenient for the customer as no card details are provided.If you have an American Express account, you can try out the flow by clicking the button below (you won't be charged).American Express creates a card token that is linked to the customer's card and works with your existing Stripe integration to create a charge.This token also contains the customer's information—such as their name, billing address, email, and phone number.function aec Callback Handler(response) { // Get the token ID: var token = response.token; if (response.token) { // Insert the token ID into the form so it is submitted to the server: $form.append($('{ "id": "tok_6gpp55Fir1Ca8u", "livemode": true, "created": 1438056436, "used": false, "object": "token", "type": "card", "card": { "id": "card_6gpq Veo Hs V3be V", "object": "card", "last4": "1234", "brand": "American Express", "funding": "credit", "exp_month": 7, "exp_year": 2018, "fingerprint": "5q9AI2LPS47YQt LX", "country": "US", "name": "CHRISTINE ROBERTS", "address_line1": "1 DR. GOODLETT PLACE", "address_line2": "", "address_city": "SAN FRANCISCO", "address_state": "CA", "address_zip": "94110", "address_country": "US", "cvc_check": null, "address_line1_check": "unchecked", "address_zip_check": "unchecked", "tokenization_method": "amex_express_checkout", "metadata": { "phone": "5555551212", } }, "email": "[email protected]", "client_ip": "", "usage": null } American Express provides the name and billing address of the customer.

The customer’s email address and phone number are also provided, if available.Because you are not currently logged in to Stripe, this test mode client ID is not specific to your account so you won’t be able to fetch the tokens created with it.If you log in and reload this page, you’ll see a test mode client ID associated to your Stripe account.American Express members who want to use their Amex to deposit at an online poker site face a tougher road than players using other major credit cards.For more information on poker sites accepting American Express and which legal poker sites accept Amex, continue on to our guide.

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The list of poker sites that accept American Express is constantly in flux - a fact that's also true for other cards like Visa and Mastercard.

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