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/*++ BUILD Version: 0005 // Increment this if a change has global effects Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Module Name: ntstatus.h Abstract: Constant definitions for the NTSTATUS values.

Author: Portable Systems Group 30-Mar-1989 Revision History: Notes: This file is generated by the MC tool from the file.

// #define STATUS_REPARSE ((NTSTATUS)0x00000104L) // // Message Id: STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES // // Message Text: // // Returned by enumeration APIs to indicate more information is available to successive calls.

// #define STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES ((NTSTATUS)0x00000105L) // // Message Id: STATUS_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED // // Message Text: // // Indicates not all privileges or groups referenced are assigned to the caller.

// This allows, for example, all privileges to be disabled without having to know exactly which privileges are assigned.

// #define STATUS_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED ((NTSTATUS)0x00000106L) // // Message Id: STATUS_SOME_NOT_MAPPED // // Message Text: // // Some of the information to be translated has not been translated.

// #define STATUS_SOME_NOT_MAPPED ((NTSTATUS)0x00000107L) // // Message Id: STATUS_OPLOCK_BREAK_IN_PROGRESS // // Message Text: // // An open/create operation completed while an oplock break is underway.

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