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Ideas on how to misspell your username: Instead of the letter "O", use a "0" (a zero) Instead of a "C", use a "K" If there is an "R" in your username add additional "R"s. There's plenty out there, including some really obscure ones. Chick Below are several tables to help inspire you.

They sound awesome, and can be a unique username idea. Combine any of the words from the charts below to create a unique username.

For example: Ecophobia Ergophobia Geliophobia Hadephobia Hippophobia Musophobia Tachophobia Radiophobia Scolionophobia Zemmiphobia You can choose one based on the word, or even on the meaning. If it strikes your fancy, you could even make up a phobia name instead of using a scientific name. How to Replace Numbers for Letters in Usernames Replacing a number for a letter is a creative way to write usernames. The girl identifies with the persona evoked by the name Make sure to write down the username on a piece of paper as well as the password in case you lose it.

Unfortunately, coming up with a cool username can be hard- it can seem like all the good usernames are taken, especially on big sites like peperonity, twitter, youtube and instagram where there are literally millions of other users.This article will provide you with ideas for username, including funny username ideas, and at the end you'll hopefully have a username for instagram, youtube, twitter, online dating sites and everywhere else!Tips on how to slightly change your desired username If you've already got an awesome username idea, but it's taken, try altering it. Add numbers eg: Pro Zack1986 Czarcasm2 So as to not forget the username, meaningful numbers are best, such as your year of birth, post code or favourite number.Just don't forget that if you use your year of birth, most people will recognize it as a year, guess it's your birth year and thus know your age. Add underscores, dots and dashes eg: Cookie_Monster ob-LIV-ious L.i.z.z.y _John_ *. Add a word to the start or the end of your username Words to add at the start: uber the theonly miss mr ms citrus Words to add at the end: inabox eatingcake ishot Using the same username for multiple sites If you're after a username to use on different social media sites, you can quickly test whether a username is available on all of them using namechk.Change the spelling eg: mooody inteligent happee mischeivous Change the spelling of the word slightly, so that its original meaning is still clear. Tip: Don't use the same password for lots of websites, especially if you're using the same username!

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You can also use this to be ironic, by spelling a word like "intelligent" wrong. Phobias Phobias aren't fun to have- except as part of your username!

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