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Tables["EMP"]; // Indicate Data Column EMPNO is unique // This is required by the Oracle Command Builder to update the EMP table table. Unique = true; // Get the first row from the EMP table Data Row row = table.

Row Updated, Address Of On Row Updated Catch ex As Sql Exception Console. Message) Finally ' Close Connection this Connection. Fill(ds, "My Table"); private void da_Fill Error(object sender, Fill Error Event Args e) { // ... Row Updating += new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(da_Row Updating); da. Update(ds, "Orders"); private void da_Row Updating(object sender, Sql Row Updating Event Args e) { // Write the date, Order ID, and type of update to a log System. Fill Error += new Fill Error Event Handler(da_Fill Error); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); da. code to set up the data adapter // add the event handlers da. code to identify and correct the error // add the fixed row to the table Data Row dr = e. Row Updated += new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(da_Row Updated); Data Set ds = new Data Set(); // ... Continue = true; } property can control the action to be taken with the current and remaining rows to be updated after an error; an error can be thrown, the current row can be skipped, or all remaining rows can be skipped by setting the Sql Data Adapter da; // ...

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