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“If I were on a decent date and the guy told me he was a Republican, I’d probably see him again—unless he turned out to be, like, rabidly anti-abortion.

But some users are dubious, saying they don’t want to close themselves off to dates that reach across party lines—but with a notable exception for people who support Donald Trump.“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” says Sarah, 25, a graduate student who typically votes for Democrats.“People meet people with opposing political views and it exposes them to new ideas …Everyone’s out there, and you’re meeting people you might not otherwise meet. People fall in love across party lines all the time.” “It’s unnecessary,” says Carly, 24, a writer and comedian who is also a registered Democrat.“J-Swipe already has political filters, and I don’t use them.” She admits her views on this might be a tad old-fashioned: “I’m not one to advertise who I vote for.

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