Dating for young widows and widowers

They'd been married nearly 43 years."I didn't want to lose her, but as I look back at it, thank goodness she's out of her misery," he said.

He went home to a quiet house where, everywhere he looked, he saw signs of their life together.

He said it got to be too much, and he gathered up her belongings and got rid of them."I missed the little things, just having her there," he said.

"I was so lonely."He tried an online dating service but had little in common with the women he found. It took a while to get used to seeing someone again, he said, but it also felt right.

His housekeeper suggested he date a client of hers and handed him a note with "Claudia" written on it and a phone number. Bergman said he found Claudia to be easygoing, a nice person with a career in nursing. A year after he lost his wife, he asked Claudia to marry him.

She said yes."My wife's father, when his wife died of ovarian cancer, he remarried, like, five months later, and I thought at the time, 'How terrible,' " he said. I understand the loneliness."He and Claudia were married in April 2011. I WANTED HIM, BUT I DIDN'T NEED HIM'Ruth Krasnitz lost her husband, Randy Rannazzisi, to cancer about five years ago.

What's his advice for those who are widowed and longing for companionship? They had been married nearly 50 years and raised three children.

Support groups -- The Temple Beth Sholom bereavement group schedules its meetings at a.m., usually on alternating Wednesdays, at 10700 Havenwood Lane. -- The city of Las Vegas offers the Grief and Loss Support Group for seniors 50 or older from 9 to 10 a.m. Advance registration is not required, and attendance is free with a current annual senior membership.

For more information, call 702-735-5544 or visit info4

The trauma of losing a spouse is never easy to overcome. Temple Beth Sholom, 10700 Havenwood Lane, hosts a bereavement group twice a month.

Here are the stories of attendees who found love again:'IT FELT RIGHT'Allan Bergman grew up in Brooklyn, N.

Y., and met his wife, Iris, one summer when he was 11.

They married soon after high school and raised two children. The last few months of her life were particularly hard ---- hard to breathe and hard to walk.

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