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The doctor I saw at Chichester had no sympathy, they were huffing and puffing getting annoyed because they couldn't take my blood.

I called again today after I had been into a and e at the weekend where they advised I have an ultrasound to check it has cleared and the doctor told me I don't need to just To do a pregnancy test in 3 weeks and come back if it's still positive.

Whilst I was in the toilet the member of staff said to my boyfriend it's bad news by the way.

I came back in none the wiser the member of staff did the internal scan and said your pregnancy has ended sorry about that like something had run out of stock. I then got taken to a private room and had to wait 45 minutes for a doctor to come.

The doctor took me into a room where they basically just said so your pregnancy has ended here are your options and induced the miscarriage.

I must say it was an awful experience the doctor did not explain anything to me I had one lovely nurse come in who was helpful and sympathetic and looked quite shocked.

I didn't get told any follow up information and a few days later I had to get an ambulance as I was bleeding so much this was in Devon and I got taken to Plymouth hospital.

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