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Dating for a person with a disability is something that many dread.

Many different cultures across the world are so inhibitive that it is hard to find a disabled person openly dating. Of late however, with the popularizing of disability dating sites especially those focusing more on people with disabilities, the society is starting to change.

Many people have started accepting that being disabled has nothing to do with love or personality.

Even though dating is fun for anyone who goes into it with a positive mind, a disabled person will need more than that.

Many are the times that ‘normal’ people will look at a disabled person and see a person who needs help.

People often look in awe at a disabled person who does more than the society expects of them.People tend to look at a person who is doing their masters degree or Ph D in fascination.This is an extension of the perception that the society categorizes disabled people as ‘damaged’ goods.Being disabled has nothing to do with one’s personality.That is the loud cry that the society needs to acknowledge from the disabled.

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A disabled person is just like any other person albeit with a disability.

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