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Plates left by Cannariato for collecting drip water were also mapped, recovered and replaced by new ones for continued carbonate collection.

The ratios of the stable isotopes oxygen and carbon of the carbonate (Ca CO) are analyzed as they depend on environmental factors, such as rainfall amount, temperature, vegetation cover and type, etc.As speleothems grow they incorporate trace elements into their structure, and the concentration and ratios of those might be related to environmental conditions (atmosphere, soil, host rock, cave air) at the time of deposition.Where banding in stalagmites can be demonstrated to be annual by dating methods, stalagmites have the potential to record long-term, high-resolution climatic data.Based on previous work we selected one speleothem (YOK I) for high resolution dating and isotope work.YOK I is 56cm long and was harvested from Yok Balum cave in 2006. They walked through the cave from the main entrance, checking side passages, and exiting through the rear entrance.

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