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Continue reading January 25, 1928 – Rabbi Sherwin Wine is born in Detroit, Michigan.In 1969, he founded the Society for Humanistic Judaism, an organization that emphasizes Jewish culture and history rather than religious identity. Continue reading January 24, 2003 – The documentary program Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Over eight years and 89 episodes, professional magicians and skeptics Penn Jillette and his ever-mute partner Teller debunked (using lots of profanity) a …Continue reading January 23, 1891 – John Ballance, Premier of New Zealand, dies in office of complications from abdominal surgery.Having witnessed sectarian riots in his native Ireland, Ballance was a confirmed secularist and co-founder of the Wanganui Freethought Association. Continue reading January 22, 1906 – British secularist and publisher George Jacob Holyoake dies in Brighton, England, aged 88.Holyoake was a prolific writer and lecturer, and a leader in England’s nascent freethought movement.He was the last person convicted of blasphemy in the United …None of these images are special effects,animated or computer generated.January 31, 1934 – Helen Kagin is born Helen Mc Gregor Smith in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Continue reading January 30, 1861 – Swedish freethought activist Viktor Lennstrand is born in Gävle, Sweden. Continue reading January 29, 1860 – Russian physician and playwright Anton Chekhov is born in Taganrog, Russian Empire.He was outspoken against both Christianity and state-sponsored religion, and was imprisoned several times. He is largely attributed with originating the concept of “Chekhov’s Gun”; i.e.that every element in a dramatic work should be essential to the story. Continue reading January 28, 1573 – Noblemen of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth sign the Warsaw Confederation, formalizing a longstanding tradition of religious tolerance for nobility and free persons.It was the first European document to codify religious toleration. Continue reading January 27, 1905 – Illustrator Watson Heston, whose satirical religious cartoons appeared in several freethough publications, dies aged 58. Continue reading January 26, 2004 – The new Constitution of Afghanistan is signed by President Hamid Karzai.He also wrote the now highly-collectible books The Old Testament Comically Illustrated and The New Testament Comically Illustrated. It declares the country an Islamic Republic, with Islam as the official state religion.

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