Erin andrews is dating pros and cons of dating a black woman

Recently, Stoll found himself in some hot water when he was arrested in Las Vegas.

after she posted a pic with that huge diamond before last night's "Dancing with the Stars" premiere, there was buzz that he finally popped the question. the ring wasn't from Stoll -- it was from wardrobe ... Stoll revealed that he and Andrews, whom met through NFL star-turned-Kelly Ripa cohost Michael Strahan, have actually been dating for a while—because they had a lovely time together pre-Valentine's Day!"We actually went for a nice dinner," the veteran center said."We spent that day out in Malibu, it was like the day before [Valentine's Day]..a great day out there and then had a nice dinner out here by the beach.""Just really mellow, low-key.[The Kings] played the next night, too, so I had a personal curfew set up. It was relaxing and a great spot down here by the beach."And being an athlete dating a sports expert must be the perfect match, right? It's her off-time right now—her down time—before baseball starts up again."Gotta love spring training.

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"There's obviously some sports she knows a little bit more about than me, it bothers me a little bit, but I'll take it," the Stanley Cup champ cracked.

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  1. This is just an aside for those of you who followed this Swank-Campisi story for years – do you think Swank regrets all of her public discussion about John Campisi’s young son?