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While there have been accounts of the white buffalo in the continental United States dating back to at least 1754, the fact is the white buffalo is the product of genetic mutation that probably occurred from the longhorn cattle in Southwestern United States.

Most of the land is used as a private animal ranch.

Coyotes, owls, foxes, horses, elk, buffalo, fallow deer, ducks, geese, muskrats and one particularly faithful migrant heron occupy the property.

The pride of the preserve is the Lewises’ buffalo herd.

The animals have a direct bloodline to the original Great Plains Bison, the American “buffalo.” Spring is a particularly exciting time at Evergreen Memorial Park as calves are born.

Onlookers often come by the bus load to see the newborns and to albeit, briefly step back in time, to watch these great animals as they would have seen them more than100 years ago.

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