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In this spirit, all pathnames in this document are slash-separated.

This, of course, only applies to pathnames given to Distutils functions.

If you, for example, use standard Python functions such as (which might be spelled differently on your system, but you get the idea) relative to the directory where your setup script lives.

If you break this promise, the Distutils will issue a warning but still process the broken package anyway.

If you use a different convention to lay out your source directory, that’s no problem: you just have to supply the in your setup script.

The keys to this dictionary are package names, and an empty package name stands for the root package.

The values are directory names relative to your distribution root.

(Keep in mind that although the Distutils are included with Python 1.6 and later, they also have an independent existence so that Python 1.5.2 users can use them to install other module distributions.The Distutils’ own setup script, shown here, is used to install the package into Python 1.5.2.) : more metadata, and the specification of pure Python modules by package, rather than by module.This is important since the Distutils consist of a couple of dozen modules split into (so far) two packages; an explicit list of every module would be tedious to generate and difficult to maintain.For more information on the additional meta-data, see section .Note that any pathnames (files or directories) supplied in the setup script should be written using the Unix convention, i.e. The Distutils will take care of converting this platform-neutral representation into whatever is appropriate on your current platform before actually using the pathname.

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