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Fbuds is one of the most popular gay communities across the world.

It sounds like a question we should have asked a long time ago as both men and women have been guilty of doing this for years.So before I continue on discussing this ask yourself seriously; do you rate everyone you sleep with out of ten and if you do, how often do you do it? Kristen’s work schedule keeps her pretty busy so she finds it hard to get out and meet guys. She’s not promiscuous, she’s just looking for some compatible sex with a compatible partner for an ongoing period of time.Answer: We all do it…but we allow for nerves We asked everyone who works for f-buddy whether or not they rate a new partner based on sexual performance and the answer was a resounding ‘Weeeellll…..yes…’ It seems people didn’t want to admit to it, but they all do it. Don’t send her messages if you’re married as she’s not into that. As the first full week of the New Year draws to a close, so too does the 94% upsurge in people signing up to online dating sites including this one.Christmas is a time to party naked and do some of the dumbest things you’re likely to do in a long while, but New Year is the time that everyone sobers up and starts making huge lists of what they want to do and find in the New Year.Unsurprisingly one of those things is to find love and in many cases more sex. Most people make a list of resolutions for the New Year most of which would be...

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