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Medical alert systems provide the safety peace of mind that emergency assistance is readily available for someone elderly or sick.Aging adults and their families often rely on medical alert systems to allow for a greater period of independent living without worry.Medical alert equipment is typically worn around the wrist or neck.With the click of a button, the person wearing the device can immediately summon an operator, who can determine the need for emergency assistance.Some systems are even savvy enough to detect if a fall has occurred and confirm with the customer before sending for emergency services.Several providers offer medical alert services and an easy, online order process.Others, however, provide little to no information up front, and require that you speak to a fast talking salesman who may try to get you to spend more than you need.

Their straightforward, simple-to-use product works well for clients that want a medical alert system they can feel confident with, but without the hassle of a long term contract.Medical Guardian also has a strong Better Business Bureau rating of A- and puts customer service at the top of their priority list.Unlike many medical alert systems, Medical Guardian offers a panic button that can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or attached to a belt.The Medical Guardian equipment is waterproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you use the product.Their equipment may be transported to any location in the US and Canada.

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