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Bob did have his contacts and he knew how to get hold of black men who preferred white.

I was of course, very keen on there being an extra guest.

It meant there would be an extra pair of balls smacking between my wifes legs.

Not to mention a lot more cum squirting deep into her cunt. She wanted to have her hair done and was insistent on looking her very best.

As proud and stylish as she is, my wife was desperate to satisfy the men. Though the wedding dress was in the boot of our car. The blonde was hopeful that today would be her day. She knew what was coming later and I could tell how nervous yet excited she was about going through with it. I had begun to suspect that she felt a little more strongly about my wife than she let on.

She neednt have worried because I knew they where going to love pumping her full of their seed. We where hopeful that pretty soon, she would have a bulging belly too. Kathy wearing a short, revealing gold dress with slender straps and a low cut front. As before we met Bob and Vikki in the lobby of the hotel. As on our last meeting the couple tried their up most to be welcoming towards Kathy. To the onlooker we where two regularly couples catching up on old times. Just as we had done so a white van pulled up outside.

I remembered how they had treated both Kathy and Vikki on the last occasion. After our last excursions had so taken her by surprise, Kathy had talked little of it. Though we both knew it would only be a matter of time until she fell pregnant for real. In that he wanted both women to wear their wedding dresses for the shoot. Every womans wedding dress is special to her and I knew Id love to see Kathy flaunting those precious memories. Having two white brides to dump their loads inside. She had kept it in the loft, wrapped neatly in plastic. I searched around for a while, brought it down and let my wife take her time unwrapping it. I recognised one of the men who got out from the first shoot.

After another hour we finished and said our goodbyes. We had intended just to watch Vikki but Kathy had ended up being bred just as hard. Each wondering if the other would be the one to fall pregnant? It was that small fact that played on her conscience. Each of them taking turns with her as she lay alongside her new friend Vikki.

The day certainly hadnt turned out the way we had planned. Both women had shared a last knowing glance as they parted. I couldnt help but wonder on her words to one of the men. Over the next few days Kathy felt what I can only imagine was a mixture of shame and guilt over that she had done. She kept asking me if I felt about her any different. Of course I loved her but I had really enjoyed watching the three black men fucking them both. We had been fully sucked into Bob and Vikkis world and deep down Kathy had enjoyed it too.

After the first four weeks had past Kathy bought one of those home pregnancy tests. I waited outside the bathroom while my wife carried it out on herself.

When she finally opened the door her eyes where wet and she looked a little shaky. Though she must have truly believed she was going to have a baby and I could see the disappointment clear as day.

It seemed she would need the treatment again if she was ever going to get in the club. Knowing she wouldnt ever be satisfied until she carried the shame of a black baby inside her. The more Kathy thought about it, the more she knew she had to do it.

When Vikki and Bob sent us an further invitation Kathy wanted some time to think it over. I always knew shed say YES and we had soon accepted.

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