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The Galaxy portal is the starting point for working in the Orion system, People Soft HR (HCM), and People Soft Financials (FMS).

It also provides links to other services such as email and e Learning.

The number 4 is usually skipped in the country’s hospitals and public buildings while in some buildings the 4th floor is denoted by the alphabet F instead of the number 4.Samsung has done this in the past as well when it assigned model number GT-I9300 to the Galaxy S3 but GT-I9500 There are no leaks or such like to report a supposed release date for the Galaxy S8 but it's fairly easy to predict when the new flagship phone will arrive.First, take a look at when all the previous Galaxy S phones were launched.• Galaxy S – March 2010• Galaxy S2 – February 2011• Galaxy S3 – May 2012• Galaxy S4 – March 2013• Galaxy S5 – February 2014• Galaxy S6 – March 2015• Galaxy S7 – February 2016 As you can see, Samsung favours the months of February and March to launch the new flagship Galaxy S phone for that year.They are typically released on sale in the shops to buy around 2-4 weeks afterwards.

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