Geomagnetic polarity dating

A large set of K‐Ar ages were acquired, mainly from lavas, that defined the lengths of Chrons, but if few, these lavas showed transitional directions of remanent magnetization, the timing of the polarity reversals between the Chrons had to be interpolated.Research Highlights The Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale (GPTS) has been constructed from an analysis of magnetic anomalies measured over the ocean basins and tying these anomalies to known and dated magnetic polarity reversals found on land.

It is based on the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly sequence and attempts to make the sea-floor spreading history smoothly varying over this region and then uses this timescale to fit the rest of the world's midocean ridge spreading systems.

Black represents normal polarity, white represents reversed polarity.

The 1986 Kent and Gradstein GPTS encompasses both the Cenozoic period and Jurassic periods (0 to 155 million years).

The Cenozoic part has now been superceded by the Cande and Kent 1995 GPTS.

The Huestis and Acton GPTS slightly modifies the Cande and Kent 1995 GPTS by minimizing spreading over the entire globe instead of just using the South Atlantic record.

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