How long were selena gomez and taylor lautner dating

Disclaimer: Everything on this blog is according to a source, unless stated otherwise. In 2008, Selena suddenly becomes besties with Nick Jonas; someone who she stole from Miley Cyrus as we learned here. Out of the 3, who is the most successful at that current time? On her We Own The Night Tour, she lied about Justin being a special guest so people can buy tickets. I start to feel bad for her but I mean why lie in the first place? pretty sure we could all tell it’s an act especially when Selena said she never loved Justin.

In 2008, the Jonas Brothers were just beginning their peak after they released their most successful album in the US which was called Jonas Brothers and it was 2x platinum. this In 2009, the Jonas Brothers are still quite relevant but are slowly fading out. who does Selena wanna find in 2009 to support Kiss & Tell’s sales since it failed to scrape the top 5 on Billboard???? He never ended up coming and the Beliebers who were there… However, we know damn sure that Selena’s untruthful because of this and this. She’s at her un-sold out tour where she’s trying to scrape headlines by crying during Love Will Remember…. Lets be real, if Justin wasn’t involved in Selena’s career, Selena’s career would have fell faster than she falls off the stage after a hardworking hour of lip syncing Anyways..

They got that 2x platinum in 2007 and Selena was suddenly their close friend. Selena jumps to the new hottest thing and that’s Taylor Lautner. Oh phew, God made this talented Canadian child, famous New coming artist Justin, took no time to pave his way to the top. this post was a very long one so I hope you enjoyed.

The following year, 2008, they were releasing another album called A Little Bit Longer which is almost 2x platinum. New Moon becomes massively successful and relevant along with Taylor’s abs so of course, Selena leaves Nick Jonas and runs along to Taylor Lautner even if it’s only for a couple weeks. His first two singles; One Time and One Less Lonely Girl, were both released in 2009 and they were both platinum top 20 hits. We’ll be referring back to this post often when we do our *special* upcoming post.

As you can see above, Taylor’s peak which was in 2009, is the only time Selena was actually seen with him if it wasn’t for event purposes. Taylor fades out a little bit so she goes back to her frst choice in 2010 And that was in early February of 2010. Other than that, hope you enjoyed and THANK YOU for getting this blog viewed over 6,000 times in less than 2 days.

Even when they officially started dating, they were always pretty private about their relationship, so we're sure they'll be able to keep things professional.

He definitely has a pattern of dating his coworkers!

It started out with Taylor Swift in , even though those romances also didn't last. Do you think he should get back to together with Taylor Swift or Lily Collins?

From the infamous feud between Disney darlings Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter in his glory days to the dramatic Laguna Beach tug-of-war between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari over Stephen Colletti, here are 10 love triangles you probably forgot about. Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez got cozy in early 2009, but later that same year, the Twilight hunk romanced Taylor Swift for a few short months.

Despite dating the same guy in their teenage years, the two singers are still best friends.

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