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In today’s society, diversity in the workplace is a fact of life.

The probability of organization members coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as customers and clients coming from diverse cultural backgrounds is very high.

That said, the way in which organizations communicate, both internally and externally, must reflect this changing demographic, because communication is greatly affected by culture.

Becoming an effective intercultural communicator also involves making a conscious effort to avoid communication dissonance. •Will my preconceptions facilitate or impede communication?

Prior to interacting with a person from another culture, or during the communication exchange, one should ask oneself the following questions to ensure that no preconceived notions or biases exists that may hinder the communication process: •What preconceived notions do I have about this person based on social identity characteristics (whether we seem different or similar)? •Am I open to learning about this person and myself during this interaction? •Am I willing to be changed as a result of this interaction or experience?

•What communication tools can I use to try to create genuine communication?

The next step to increased effective intercultural communication is to attempt to let go of any ethnocentric feelings you may have.

While many of us may feel as though we do not have any ethnocentric feelings or ideas, that is, esteeming one’s nationality, culture, or ethnicity above another’s, taking a moment to truly examine one’s way of thinking could reveal otherwise.

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In a multicultural setting, simply assuming that one’s own culturally-accepted gestures or style of communication is appropriate to use amongst others is a form of ethnocentrism.

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