Intimidating 4 letter words

While we may have consensus on the criticality of selling, we do not apply it nearly enough in our own actions.

Most business and HR leaders would agree that sell is crucial to driving revenues, attracting and assessing key talent, stimulating growth and expanding client relationships.

To many, sell represents a hands-off, almost seedy element of business best left to others.

Seven out of of ten business professionals tell me they need to better understand, embrace and practice the art of selling.

Professionals who understand the art of selling don’t look at rejected ideas as defeats, but as opportunities to seek new angles and hone in on at a more opportune moment. Sell captivates and lands the best candidates for recruiting purposes and sell raises performance levels beyond expectations.Ted Tafaro, CEO of Exceptional Risk Advisors, states, "You must often rework and pitch even great ideas multiple times; effective communication, timing and a bit of luck are all huge components of effective selling." Sell is a key concept in every facet of talent management. In a recent mentoring session, I counseled a frustrated marketing director whose ideas were not being heard by senior level executives within one of the divisions.She knew marketing campaigns would improve if these executives were more open to her ideas.I suggested she sell these ideas individually in a casual lunch setting rather than battle the strong personalities in a group meeting.This sales tactic of one on one communication created increase collaboration and a higher level of respect for the marketing director’s skills.

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New marketing ideas are now being heard and implemented to impact both short and long term division revenues.

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