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I mean, the only real difference between the two dirty doers is that Hollywood's spies aren't as tight-mouthed as Dee-Cee's. And though I do believe Mel should make alimony payments, I seriously think she's nothing but an opportunist gold digger. The man needs some major help that not even any of those alimony payments could pay off.

Earlier in the day, Nikki stopped by the MTV Studios.

co-star Jackson Rathbone for a special performance. Nikki was grateful for all the fans who came out to see them play, too.

“Thanks to everyone for coming out to the show tonight! “A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our show tonight!!!

Dear Move Over Ashley Greene: Not a crazy thought..at all. Dear Ted: If someone Blind Viced Congress, the White House and say the Supreme Court for good measure (p.s.

The two hang together a lot when they're not filming (way more than N and Kristen Stewart). Although, back at Teen Choice Awards when we chatted with Jackson, he couldn't stop gushing about N. but def dropped the "best friends" line in their a few time. someone should) who, in your opinion, would have bigger and juicier vices: Hollywood or Washington?

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  1. Destin: Here’s the thing, teach your child to love and accept all races, religions, ages and lifestyles. Let him know that the world is a beautiful place and life is an amazing gift – live it to the fullest and do what makes him feel good about himself – as long as it doesn’t hurt himself or others.