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Team Services | TFS "15" | TFS 2015 | Previous versions Teams use the work item types (WITs) provided with the Agile process to plan and track progress of software projects.Teams define user stories to manage the backlog of work and then, using the Kanban board, track progress by updating the status of those stories.To gain insight into a portfolio of features, scenarios, or user experiences, product owners and program managers can map user stories to features.When teams work in sprints, they define tasks which automatically link to user stories.Using the web portal or Microsoft Test Manager, testers can create and run test cases.Bugs and issues are used to track code defects and blocking issues.Feature availability: Work item tracking forms and features available to you differ depending on whether you connect to the cloud or an on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS), and whether you open the form from the web portal or Visual Studio Team Explorer.Forms and guidance provided in this topic reflect those available from the web portal for Team Services and TFS "15".

User stories define the applications, requirements, and elements that teams need to create.

Product owners typically define and stack rank user stories.

The team then estimates the effort and work to deliver the highest priority items.

Create user stories from the quick add panel on the product backlog page.

Later, you can open each user story to provide more details and estimate the story points.

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