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Other live chat providers force you into a cookie cutter experience. We give you everything you need to create an experience that is uniquely your brand.You can do this but not that, and if you want to do this other thing, it requires a very expensive handholding agreement. I've been told that I have a very imaginative mind.I love roleplaying, and I will roleplay just about anything as long as it is well written and interesting. I mostly enjoy scenes with fantasy, such as vampi...Been here before, but deleted my account after some real life responsibilities needed to be taken care of but I'm back again. A man in his early thirties with a strong sex drive and an interest in cyber sex / roleplay. Well, looks like this site is back, so here i am again, haha. I've been divorced a few years now and raised a son all by my lonesome, which hasn't really left a lot of time for a personal life, sadly, so I get a l...Hey used to be on here under the same name but apparently my account got deleted.

She and I flirt at the bar awhile, until I real..ima natural brunette though I just dyed my hair red, I thought it would be sexier.

ima 34 DD(just in case you were wondering) I am not into abuse or extreme types of sex, except dominatrix. I have a small cock and a condition knowen as Phimosis (cant pull foreskin over my head) I am also a virgin so I resort to masturbating a lot Firstly I am 19.

im lesbian only, I will not accept guys as a friend I love to ... Blonde with green eyes, 5.8 with 34DD, sexy lips and curvy body. Hope to speak to old friends x Kik - CTID0288 G9S - because i can't seem to upload a pic!

What I am into, RP mostly but not limited to women, preferably with Futa and I tend to be on the sub side for I am attracted to them. :-) == Results from == 99% Voyeur 97% Exhibitionist 96% Switch 95% Experimentalist 94% Degrade...

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