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Opinions here are from non judgmental, progressive, receptive individuals who are single, in a relationship or married couples either living within the various styles of Domestic Discipline as a respectful lifestyle choice, or seeking insightful information on the DD lifestyle choice.

The ideals above will always be what this community stands for, and they fit The DD Community Chat Room.

The DD Chat Room is free and open to everyone 18 and over who is seeking DD specific information and respectful friendships.

The Chat Room is something that has been discussed for a very long time and I can't be more pleased with how the room has grown so quickly in the first two months.

More importantly, the friendships that have grown there and the support and helpfulness of all those who frequent the room is a The DD Chat Room as an "ADDS" chat room.

And the caring, consensual use of discipline to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment.

ADDS is where ALL varying styles of DD are brought together in ONE place! The Domestic Discipline Community Chat Room is based on Domestic Discipline Education, Information and Knowledge sharing, focused on Ho Hs & Ti Hs and those interested in ALL variations of real life Domestic Discipline lifestyles.

A melting pot of open minded people, where no one is judged for their differences.

All respectful DD based opinions & ideas are welcome and encouraged.

We are all here to share our knowledge and help each other understand and grow in this unique lifestyle.

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