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Based on national rates, we estimate that, every week, about 40,000 employees in the Twin Cities area go to work sick.

Will a government mandate dampen wage growth, increase labor costs and reduce job creation? The Minneapolis-recommended proposal would allow employees to earn one hour of paid sick leave per 30 hours worked.

We all fall sick once in a while, and our kids do, too. Currently, Minneapolis employers choose whether to offer paid sick leave to employees.The Minneapolis Department of Health estimates that 41 percent of employed residents lack access to such leave.This is similar to the rate nationally, and it means that about 125,000 working Minneapolitans lack paid sick leave.Among low-wage workers and in service occupations, more than 80 percent lack sick-pay coverage.Without paid sick leave, many employees go to work sick, because if they didn’t they would lose income and could (although this is illegal) lose their jobs.

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