Marriage moving from dating to marriage

The article explains why that can be trouble: Capstoners believe that marriage is something you enter into only after you've finished sowing your proverbial oats...

The article discusses a recent Gallup poll that surveyed 1535 adults in the U. were asked their views on the morality of various things like gay marriage, polygamy, pregnancy out of wedllock, and yes, cheating on your spouse.In 2013, only 6% of those surveyed found infidelity morally acceptable, giving it the lowest ranking of all the questions asked in the survey.But the article goes further to exam the fact that young people are choosing to marry later in life.Referring back to a previous article by Karen Swallow, they talk about the Cornerstone model for marriage, where you treat the marriage as something you build a life around - together.There's an assumption there of mutual struggle and the overcoming of obstacles together.

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What's happening instead is young people are delaying marriage and creating what they call the Capstone model, where marriage is considered the capstone you put on top of your already built life.

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