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If you really want to do that, you can build a dynamic query (assemble a SQL statement using VBA) and have it executed (Currentdb. One question though - I will eventually want to produce reports using queries based on some of the calculated values.

If these are not stored anywhere, how will that be possible?

Although Access has always supported calculated columns in queries, sometimes you may perform calculations in tables so that you can use the calculated fields in any object based on the table.

In addition, Share Point supports calculations in its tables; because of the integration between Access and Share Point, Access must support the same sort of calculations in Access tables.

Calculated columns in tables in Access 2010 provide a new feature that is designed to help end-users and developers quickly build applications that are easier to maintain.

For example: =Sum([Order Line Sub Total]) - this totals all of the sub totals for each Order Line (where a customer orders more than one product on the same order) Then, =[Orders Subform].[Form]![Order Subtotal] - This formula takes the total from the previous calculation and displays this on the form.My problem now is how to update the related table with this calculated info.I have a 'Save Order' button on my form which writes all other form elements to the table, but not any calculated fields.From research, it looks like I may need to do the following: 1) Create an update query that takes the new data from the form and writes it to the appropriate record on the table 2) Trigger that update query via a command button on the form My question is, how do I do 1 & 2 above?!?! MESIt's again all good practices to store a computed value into a table.

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