Nelly dating melyssa ford

I never expected Rihanna to hold undying resentment against Chris Brown, but there's a noteworthy distinction between forgiveness and fondling.

has no artistic merit); who went on to play such stellar roles as La La and Candy; however, the host referred to her as a "women's health advocate," an appellation she appropriated before infiltrating the public school system to shape the minds of posterity.

I recall watching Ford on a panel years ago with her Apple Bottom's boss, Midwest rapper Nelly, where she was invited to rationalize videos like "Tip Drill" as a natural extension of men's virility (her choice of words, not mine).

Apparently she thought using a woman's ass like a Hypercom T7 was a healthy way to explore one's manhood.

Nelly nodded emphatically even though I was pretty sure he didn't know what "virility" meant. According to her title, she's evolved into having a newfound concern for the livelihood of our gender. My initial amusement quickly faded when I realized Ford's label was outright deceptive.

An influential pop culture figure kissing the man who allegedly beat, bit and choked her into an unconscious state -- and kissing him at one of the most highly anticipated televised award shows with approximately 7 million tuned in viewers (many of whom are impressionable, wide-eyed pubescent girls) is not apropos.

Seriously, the fact that we live in a society where that question exists does not bode well for humanity.

Sadly, statistics indicate that one in five of these girls will report being physically abused by a dating partner.

Many of these adolescents are in the painstaking process of understanding the nuances of fight or flight.

Being presented with an image of a victim recklessly rubbing her hand through her abuser's hair was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

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