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A mistake that would cost Lucius more than the amount he gave to Mr Bandabaloobi.

"Mr Bandabaloobi said he was from the Nigerian Bank" said Lucius "We first met when he wrote me an email explaining he needed me to transfer 3 million dollars out of the country because a rich old guy had died and the government was going to keep the money unless I could help and for this I would receive a percentage." "I gave them my account details and bought a plane ticket to Nigeria to meet Mr Bandabaloobi and sign the transfer papers." "Once I arrived I was beaten and taken to a small hotel room on the outskirts of town.

I was stripped and kissed by dark and very hairy men.

One of the men, named Carl, was very gentle and told me he loved me but the others were rough. I struggled and told them I was a friend of Mr Bandabaloobi but they tied me up and took turns kissing my beautiful body, touching me and making me do things I had sometimes thought about and imagined, but had never expected to really happen because I am straight." "The fact that one of the men looked like a black version of my dad kind of freaked me out and Carl turned out to be huge but like i said, he was very gentle and we just took things really slow. Nothing gay though, cause he knows I am straight." "Having survived the ordeal and returned home, my only regret is that I missed my meeting with Mr Bandabaloobi and didnt get to see any african animals like giraffes and lions and those little things that peek up really quick and look around and then pop back down really quick. They are like those little dogs that live on the prairie.

Cant remember what those ones are called either but they look a little bit like otters.

They dont live in water like otters though, they live on the prairies.

and needed 0 to pay for a plane fare to come home to Kennesaw, Ga. He would not give me an address of where in Kennesaw he lived and told me that when I picked him up at the airport, he would lead me to his house.

He did all the same things these scammers apparently do by writing these truly mushy e-mails and calling you all these sweet names, then wanting you to text them on their cell phones, set up Yahoo IM and so on.

I think the biggest giveaway was that he was in Africa and wouldn't say exactly where and then asked me to send him some money when he was supposed to be in the construction business.

When I asked him why he needed to be there doing that kind of work, he said he traveled all over the world.

My children were here at my house when all of this was taking place (when he asked me to send him money via and didn't want my son to know about this.

I have our entire conversation from the Yahoo Instant Messenger printed out for my records.

The picture he sent to me of what was supposed to be a picture of him was someone who looked too good to be true - much younger than the 55 years old he said he was, he appeared to be about 35 - 40 - and probably a male model.

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Of course, he said he would "fund" it to me when he came back home.

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