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There are many people who are clicking on this link with the presumption that they know what I’m going to say- or who disagree that you should wait to be married before you know “the package”.I have been panting in wait with baited breathe for this person that I believe to be “the one”.There are varying opinions about the one- when they arrive, and if they can be replaced with “the one, number two” as I’ll call him/her.I believe there is a “one” you see- the one who makes the best parts of me come out, in the worst moments, who has seen who I am and still looks at me deeply, connecting to every part of my being through my eyes.So, the problem with no sex before marriage is that when you have actually found the one, you want to be untied by boundaries, completely invested- naked even.There is a way that you feel connected out of the sheets, but there is absolutely a way to connect between them. I don’t flirt- but even I know when to turn “it” on!No, I don’t I’m lying- I have to be compelled to do whatever I do.This means, I’m moved by the energy of the space- the unspoken words that caress a room tenderly.

In the Christian tradition, no sex before marriage symbolizes purity, holiness and virginity- (only if applicable).It is also believed that if you’ve been sexually active and decide to be celibate at any point, that you can reclaim your virtue- although technically you will not be a virgin- you will be perceived as brand new; born again from the wound literally!This subject has been an avenue for debate, debacle, and flat out torture for Christians who love God and have a sex drive anywhere close to yours truly; healthy appetite never hurt nobody.The problem you see, is that it is easy to be celibate when you don’t have a man. In fact, if I had allowed that statement to entertain you, it would have been a bold-faced lie!It is easier, once you have renewed your mind and relationship with God; making celibacy a choice- while there is no man.

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But, what in the Jimmy hat are you supposed to do when that special someone comes along, and treats you the way that you should be treated?

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