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Concentrated platelets found in platelet rich plasma contain huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins that signal the body to send in stem cells to initiate connective tissue healing, bone and cartilage regeneration and repair, and promote new blood vessel development to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and by re-injecting concentrated platelets, we maximize stem cell release to optimize healing.

Patients often ask if the healing cascade is already inherent upon injury what the benefits of concentrated platelet therapy are.

More often than not, the body’s healing process does not work efficiently and instead of forming healthy collagen fibers and tissues there is significant scar tissue that develops in its place.

Platelets contain substances called growth factors that activate and rejuvenate cells in the body.

The concentrated platelets in PRP contain tremendous amounts of bioactive proteins, which include the growth factors PDGF and VEGF.

These growth factors have been shown to initiate accelerated tissue repair, and according to experts have also been shown to have positive effects on skin rejuvenation.

The growth factors, when released, promote tissue repair, angiogenesis (capillary formation), and collagen production.

The regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by stem cells and fostered by growth factors and hormones.

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