Outlook inbox is not updating 0x00040820

Outlook data file corruption causes improper Outlook functioning and several kinds of error messages to be prompted to user while dealing with the OST/PST file data.

Whenever these files get corrupt or become inaccessible due to some reasons, obviously it makes the Outlook user pierce his hairs off.

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending' reported error (0x8004060C): 'The message store has reached its maximum size.

If you are using the operating system older then Windows XP SP1 then Outlook doesn’t even display any error message but stops accepting email messages.

You need to obtain the latest service pack of Microsoft Office XP to resolve this problem.

Initially, the increasing PST file size lower down the speed of the Outlook considerably and hampers MS Outlook Email operations (sending or receiving emails), copying data from one folder to another etc.

Later on, the oversized PST file may get severely corrupt and can becomes inaccessible.

Severe OST/PST file corruption beyond repair may also cause you to loose your valuable Outlook data.

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  1. I've just installed Windows XP SP2 on my HP Compaq 6710s. Wireless connection gets detected but does not connects. When Laptop is started it says "Windows was unable to find a certificate ........." something like that. "Validating identity" and "unable to find a certificate" sounds like the wireless points your connecting to has been secured with a password, or keyphrase (WPA? I would remove the password on the wireless and test, does it connect fine (since it connects when wired to it your saying).