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There is no such thing as United Kingdom partnership law The law governing Partnerships in the UK is either English law or Scots law depending upon where the Partnership was formed.

There are many common acts relating to Partnerships in both legal systems but there are also many differences for example under Scots Law a Partnership is considered to be a distinct legal entity and therefore can borrow money from a bank in the name of the Partnership.

Under English law a Partnership is not a distinct legal entity and therefore borrowing would be in the names of the individual partners.

Partnerships are a form of business association, which arises automatically when people carry on business with a view to a profit. Partners are jointly and severally liable, just as they own the property in common.

A limited partnership, under the Limited Partnerships Act 1907 may have sleeping partners, who if they do not partake in any business management will not be liable beyond their investments (s 6).

A ‘partnership’ under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 is now considered a separate legal person (s 11) with limited liability (ss 1 and 14), though it is treated as a partnership for tax, and is not subject to so much regulation as would be a company. Section one of the 1890 Act defines partnership as ‘the relationship which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit.’ This can come about by oral agreement, written document or conduct.

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