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, that despite splitting up, Samantha and Nick have remained amicable.Maybe there’s a chance this is still an open chapter? She thinks he’s a great guy,” the source continued.“She isn’t interested in seeing anyone else right now.” So, there’s still a chance, right?We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for these lovebirds reconciling in the near future.In fact, Nick seemed more than hopeful that one day their paths may cross again, as proven by an Instagram post on Oct. Sharing a photo of the hot twosome during happier times, he captioned the image, “the distance is too tough at this time.She’s an amazing girl…we’ll absolutely remain friends,” single-handedly confirming their breakup.This latest split means that Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper are the only remaining couple from season two still together.

Are you sad Nick and Samantha split, Hollywood Lifers? Currently, research interests focus on memory and language. Adults’ detection of deception in children: Effect of coaching and age for children’s true and fabricated reports of injuries. Recency tendency: Responses to forced-choice questions. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32, 281-303. I and other members of my lab have been studying children’s eyewitness memory for salient events and how it is affected by the way they are interviewed. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 33, 784-800 [Abstract] [PDF] Mehrani, M. doi: 10.1177/0265407515573601 [Abstract] [PDF] Peterson, C., Morris, G., Baker-Ward, L., & Flynn, S. Predicting Which Childhood Memories Persist: Contributions of Memory Characteristics. doi: 10.1037/a0033221 [Abstract] [PDF] Tani, F., Peterson, C., & Smorti, A. Empathy and autobiographical memory – Are they linked? Most recently, we have been investigating the use of a relatively new technique, the Narrative Elaboration procedure. An important problem for researchers to address is how to get children to provide more information in open-ended recall, which has been shown to be the most accurate as well as least vulnerable to interviewer suggestion or influence. Earliest Memories and Recent Memories of Highly Salient Events – Are They Similar?

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