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This site has nothing to do with the translation- version: v1.0 TRANSLATED Story Content Ingame Flowchart OREs UNTRANSLATED CG Commentaries CG Titles Twoshot Barrage (unlockable) Download Size: 1.04 GB File Factory: Oreimo_Disc1_v1 (3 parts in folder) GDrive: Oreimo_Disc1_v1 (3 parts in folder) Mirrors: Oreimo_Disc1_v1.part1 Oreimo_Disc1_v1.part2 Oreimo_Disc1_v1.part3 Disc 2 English: NOT RELEASED.GDrive: b-oi2p1 (3 parts folder) MEGA: b-oi2p1 (3 parts folder) Mirrors: b-oi2p1.part1b-oi2p1.part2b-oi2p1.part3GDrive: b-oi2p2 (3 parts folder) MEGA: b-oi2p2 (3 parts folder) Mirrors: b-oi2p2.part1b-oi2p2.part2b-oi2p2.part3Always download all the parts and extract once with winrar for detailed instructions see the FAQ.

Just ordering it was complicated, a procedure involving an inquiry on Twitter, a few exchanged emails with a vendor in Malaysia, and a Pay Pal invoice.Then I was treated to a fairly long wait, which is my faul...― No one writes dark and difficult stories quite like Inio Asano. But now it's time to put all that fresh air and beautiful country aside and talk about the things that really matter: video games!While there are tragic and depressing elements to his series, and those certainly abound in this latest omnibus edition of Goodnight Punpun, it wouldn't be fair to simply label h...― Anime comedies, particularly those that overlap with the slice of life genre, often have trouble with endings. I had all these grand plans of playing through the Phoenix...― Whatever your reaction was to the first 12 episodes of Cross Ange, your reaction to the last 13 episodes is unlikely to be any different.When the whole point of a series is to observe the everyday misadventures of a group of charming oddbal...― James asks: Funimation has released and re-released Dragonball countless times, which I find to be very annoying, since it is clearly an attempt to get more money from their customers, and there is little that can be added to any further releases ...― Sometimes it's not the hero that makes a story great—it's the villain. Each of these space opera stories focuses on the tireless rivalry between the protagonist and antagonist, and with so many var...― As far as annoyingly unrealistic statements made to children by adults go, “these are the best years of your life” is probably one of the worst. Those who found plenty to hate about the first half will find more things to despise in the second half, wh...Apart from the fact that you (hopefully) have a lot of life to live post-h...― It was a packed house at the TCL Chinese Theater for the English dub premiere of Digimon Adventure Tri's first movie, as everyone settled in their seats, goodie bags and tickets in hand, with nervous energy.

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