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that a daytime soap-opera of a new kind appears on NBC in the United States.

In the end, few main characters disappear, but the storylines tighten around both Capwell and Lockridge families on the four initially present.

At the beginning of , the storyline of the Carnation Killer leads to the disappearance of two very important characters related to Kelly Capwell: Peter Flint (Stephen Meadows) and especially Joe Perkins, who had already had to suffer from a change of interpreter (from Dane Witherspoon to Mark Arnold).

Gina De Mott (Linda Gibboney) takes off, becoming the queen of machinations and blackmail.

1985 is also the year when the thread-driver storyline from the first year: Channing Capwell Junior’s murder is finally solved.

In parallel, a new couple takes over from Kelly and Joe, and this is for the remainder of the show: Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo (Marcy Walker and A Martinez) from then on become the iconic figures of the program, between passionate love, separations and repeated reunions.

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