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She's like one of those people who claim it's not important they went to Oxbridge, but make sure you know about it within minutes of meeting them.When she attended a film festival in Spain a few years ago, she wore a T-shirt with "HACKNEY" emblazoned across the front. I don't know what this says about Burrows, but it seems to suggest that, for her, growing up in these areas is an achievement rather than a fact of life.

The current vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement, she claims to have been a political activist since the age of nine, when she walked up to Tony Benn on the steps of Hackney Town Hall and asked him for his autograph. According to Burrows legend, the following year - when most girls are fretting about boy bands or where their next glitter nail polish is coming from - she bought Benn's book, Arguments For Socialism.From a very early age she has claimed that her heroes are, in no special order: the mighty Benn, Vanessa Redgrave, Ken Loach and, of course, that great Left-wing double act, "Hobsbawm and Chomsky".She was also present at the birth of her step-brother."I was on the cusp of womanhood, so it was both visceral and personally significant," she has said.Saffron: 'I believe so.'Tone: 'Would you like to do any Shakespeare?

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