Sex chating on a boy and a girl

No, don’t get me wrong, I am not going to start a lecture on the deteriorating moral health of ‘gen- next’ Indians nor am I thinking of writing an essay on the deep pits of (moral) turpitude that our country has fallen into.

Why does some random guy send me a mail requesting for sex chat all of a sudden?

Neither have I got myself registered with some ) internet connection.

In those days, the internet was slowly making its presence felt in India.

Everybody had heard about it yet no one knew what it was really meant for.

Some equated this with the cable tv while some compared it with the ‘wireless set’, which the local police men had access to.

Anyways everyone knew that it was something big, really big.

Someone in my class had ‘done it at home’ and he kept boasting for the whole week on how he hooked up with a girl through ‘yahoo chat’.

I still remember how thankful I was to the ‘ yahoo‘ people for starting a chat room that was big enough to cater to the wide and varied tastes of the ) but pretty soon I found out that the girls who sounded ‘hot’ and tried to ‘arouse me’ were not girls at all but similarly frustrated desi men.

The few ‘real’ girls that I actually managed to talk with were either nerds who were interested in discussing’ really important things’ like guys and blah blah.

To add on to my woes, there were this sex bots, which totally fool you by starting the chat as if they were some really good looking females.

Then one fine day, this interesting conversation happened.

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