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Nevada, famous for its casinos, Mafia and the Sin City of Las Vegas is the only state in the US where brothels are legal.

Since the days when the place was populated by gold miners, prostitution has been accepted as another service industry.

In September 2011 I visited four of them as part of a BBC radio documentary on the age-old debate about whether legalising prostitution makes it safer for the women involved.

On this journey I met the pimps who ran them, the women who worked in them, and the punters who pay for sex.

Outside my Las Vegas hotel men line the streets wearing T Shirts advertising, “A girl to your room in 20 minutes”.

I look through the phone directory and find over 200 pages of advertisements for various prostitution services, packaged as ‘massage’ and ‘female company’.

Allowed only in counties with populations of fewer than 400,000, the trailer-type compounds are in the middle of nowhere Approximately 500 women work legally at any time in the entire state.There are 8 to 10 large brothels, housing 15 to 50 women each, positioned within an hour’s drive from Las Vegas and Reno.The smallest legal brothels house from 1 to 5 women, and these tend to be much further away from major resort centres.The medium sized brothels are just outside of the smaller towns of Wells, Ely, Winnemucca, Carlin, and Elko, with between 5 to 12 women in each.Brothels are legal in only 10 of Nevada’s 17 counties.

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