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This could be thrilling or cause you to wet your pants on a high wind day, and believe me it can get windy (some of the highest surface wind speeds ever recorded were here) so you may want to bring a sweater (and a change of pants) if you plan on hanging around for a while.The Bridge is fun for a short bit, but what we found really made the trip, and the price of admission, worth it is the trails.The rugged trails have hidden caves, steep cliffs, rope assists, giant boulders, dense forest and lots and lots of ladders!Possibly one of the most unique hikes we’ve ever been on!Ok, this is actually in Virginia, not North Carolina, but when we were told this was the place to see real wild sexy ponies…how we could resist?!?Plus, we wanted the bragging rights of saying we hiked the Appalachian Trail.

So, let’s dive right in: I feel the need to tell you right up front that the entry fees are crazy expensive! per person is steep for a state park but luckily we were there during what they call “dollar” days for the locals (and we were with a car full of locals) so we only had to pay each.This was really our only escapade along the Blue Ridge Parkway and was just tasty enough to leave us wanting more.Grandfather Mountain sits at a whopping 5,946 feet above sea level and is the highest peak on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains.One of the biggest attractions is the Mile High Swinging Bridge which is touted to be the highest in America.

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