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She talks quickly and articulately and laughs a lot, although age and experience have made her more guarded and careful than she was in the past when she seemed to blurt out whatever came into her head, making her refreshingly free-spirited and quotable, but a nightmare for her publicists.

But now having, as she says, burnt a lot of bridges and almost sabotaged her career by her rebellious behaviour, she’s happily settled into a life of domesticity with actor Tom Sturridge, the father of her two-year-old baby girl Marlowe.“I have a completely different life,” she says with a laugh as we talk in a New York hotel suite.“I’m 32 now and I have a baby and I’m too tired to even think about rebellion in any sense.I think everyone calms down as they get a bit older.” The actress nearly ruined her professional life by not “behaving the way you should” in her personal life, and concedes she was sometimes to blame for the controversy that surrounded her and her often rocky romances.“The twenties can be a really formative time for anyone, and if they’re documented daily as mine were it’s extra challenging.

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