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In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.

Are you looking for an early stage startup to join - even if the compensation up front is sweat equity instead of salary? Send us your Idea If you have an idea for a startup, I encourage you to give use some hint of what it is (even if you need to be vague) so we can post the info and help you generate some interest.Please use the form at this link and we'll read it, maybe provide some feedback, and get your idea posted online.(If you don't want to reveal anything about the idea online, at least consider talking about what skill sets you'd like to add to the team so readers will know whether or not there might be a fit.) What: Speed dating for startups When: Saturday, Feb.28, 1pm to 3pm Where: OTBCCost: Free Agenda for Feb.28After some networking time, we'll have each idea person looking for a team give 2 or 3 minute elevator pitch, have each of them head to their own corner of the room, and let people circulate around to check out the startups that sound interesting to them.

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